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Ortho Model

Ortho Model

Ortho Model is a resin for 3D printing of hard and accurate models suitable for the thermoforming process.

€ 122,00 - € 610,00
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A smooth and silky surface improves transparency and cleanliness of the aligners, as well as improved retention. Excellent adhesion on built plate, it allows an easy detachment and quick cleaning cycle with ethanol or isopropilic alchool.
Safe, bisphenol free, with no unpleasant odors, post curing is an optional choice.

Technical specification
Relative density ca 1.1 - 1.2    
Viscosity mPas 550 - 1350    
Layer thickness 0.05 mm LCD LCD Mono DLP
Base exp layer 6 - 8 60 50 45
Normal exp. layer 6 4 3
Reference temperature 25 C°    
UV 405 nm uniform light source min. 45 Watt    

Above 25 C° reduce the layers by 0.5 sec. every 3 degrees in up, while increase them by 1 sec. for every 2 degrees to down.

Best practices

All 3D printing resins are heat sensitive, therefore the best prints are achieved in heated environments and in hot seasons.
During the cold months put the printer in a warm place and preheat the resin up to 28 C° for at least 20 min. If necessary, also preheat the building plate and shake well the bottle before the use, if possible with a roller agitator. Remove and filter the resin from the vat at the end of each print. Store the resins between 10 and 21 C° and protected from direct light.

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